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Columbia Falls, MT
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Beautiful Views of the Rocky Mountains
Two Acres of Land with No Restrictions
Great Year-Round Hunting

Location: Columbia Falls, MT (Flathead County)

Asking Price: $375,000

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Montana Ham & Hunting Haven


3380 Trumble Creek Rd.
Columbia Falls, MT  59912
Flathead County

1 Mile to Glacier Park International Airport
6 Miles to Columbia Falls, MT
8 Miles to Whitefish, MT
12 Miles to Kalispell, MT
16 Miles to Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort
23 Miles to Glacier National Park
29 Miles to Flathead Lake


Home is located in the country, in the northern part of the Flathead Valley. We have beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains, and fishing and hunting year around, I have hunted wild turkeys in my back yard (very tasty!) and sometimes we get ducks and geese flying over the back yard to hunt.

My wife is from Thailand and we want to move there, so this reason we are selling.  We can’t take all of my ham equipment with, so all the ham stuff listed here will stay as part of a package deal.

There are two acres of land, and can be used for both Residential and Commercial purposes. I ran my own business here for 10 years. There are no covenants, no zoning restrictions… you can be free here!

We are in the Columbia Falls School District, and there is a bus stop right across the street.

The area is very safe — people here watch out for each other and are always ready you help you. I have never worried about anything here, which is a big difference from when I was a young man living in Portland Oregon.

This site would be a wonderful contest and DX station. Excellent takeoff angles (<10%), and very little man made noise here. There are few hams in Montana, so everyone on the air wants to work you. You have the freedom to build virtually any type of antenna and tower systems you wish, with no restrictions.

Home Highlights:

  • Home is 17 years old, 2160 square feet, 4 ft deep foundation.
  • 4 bedroom (1 is radio room), 2 full baths, with Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Family Room(office), laundry room. Master bath also has Jacuzzi tub.

  • All furniture can stay with home, including full sized pool table.
  • Heating is provided primarily by a wood stove, with Gas Heat (propane) as a backup or when away from the house for extended periods.  The wood stove is installed in such a way to use the forced circulating system to heat the whole house from the wood stove and save gas. We rarely use the gas heat, unless it get very very cold, then turn it up for a while to help then turn down to normal 65 degrees. There is 2-3 years of dry red fir wood in back yard.

  • Cooking range, dryer, water heater (all gas).

  • 2 acres of land.

  • Includes a 34 x 40 foot Quonset Hut / Shop
  • There is also an old house, built around 1844, on the property. We currently use this old house for storage, as well as my wood shop. Shop includes a radial arm saw, table saw and wood lathe. Technically it is still a home and could be fixed up and re-purposed.

  • I also keep honey bees on site — if interested in them, let me know, as it would be nice to let them stay and you would get plenty of honey each year.
  • Real Estate Taxes last year $1,990.66

Ham Radio Highlights:

  • 100 foot guyed Tower. Tower was previously a broadcast tower. It is a heavyweight tower, 18 inches on a side, and bolted (vs welded).

  • KT34XA Tri-band Beam at top of tower at 105 feet (10, 15, 20m)

  • Yaesu G-800SDX Rotor, mounted at bottom of tower for easy maintenance. 1.5 inch mast runs inside of tower to the top, secured via heavy duty thrust bearing on top plate of tower.
  • MFJ-1777 80 meter Doublet Antenna, mounted at 90 foot level on tower. It is fed with 450-ohm ladder line, making it an all-band antenna — works very well on 6 meters through 80 meters, and can handle full legal limit.
  • Two Half-Square Antennas for 160 meters, utilizing a 65 ft tower and two 60 ft poles, with matching system. These are bi-directional broadside antennas. One is for the European / South Pacific directions, the other is for Asia / Southern Africa.
  • Half-Square Antenna for 40 meters, suspended from guy wires and matched by a Johnson KW Matchbox, which can be remotely tuned from ham shack. This is a bi-directional, broadside antenna, best to Europe and South Pacific directions.
  • Homebrew GS35B oil cooled amplifier, will run 1000 to 1500 watts output (not pep, this is DC output!). Stands 49 inches tall by 24 inches wide by 24 inches deep. Consists of two units, RF Deck sits on top of Power Supply. Can use for contesting, has 7.5 kw 2400 vac power transformer in power supply, provides 3000 vdc capacitance input supply 100 mfd filter.
  • Test equipment included: Tektronix 453 Oscilloscope 50MHz 2Ch, Fluke 1953A Frequency Counter 0 to 125MHz (DC) and 5Hz to 125MHz (AC), Standard signal generator type 1001-a, 5kc/s to 50Mc/s.
  • Drake C-Line (R-4C AND T-4XC) with DFD1-Drake digital readout, and factory installed Sherwood Engineering filters.
  • Kenwood TS-830s.
  • Homebrew Match Box, has two caps, one single gang one split stator and roller inductor, will do more then 1500 watts, is ultimate transmatch design.
  • MorseMatic MM-2 Keyer.
  • Swan WM-3000 peak reading watt meter.
  • Motorola continuous 150 watt dummy load 0-1000 Mcs, under ham desk
  • Homebrew 1500 watt dummy load, located in old ham shack in old house, made with two 25 ohm 250 watt non inductive resistors in series in transformer can with 5 gallons transformers oil. For comparison, the Heathkit Cantenna, with a 90 watt resistor and 1 gallon of oil, was rated at 1000 watts for 10 minutes, so I would guess 30 minutes would be conservative for my dummy load.
  • Many extra parts: 3 gs35b tubes new, new tube for Drake C line, other tubes, 2 vacuum variables both 750 uuf, also remotely tuning unit for 160 halfsquares contains 1 500 uuf vacuum variable. There are more parts in old house… too many to mention…  have gathered them over the years.
  • Pretty much everything you see in the photos is included in the sale, except the following, which will NOT be included in the sale: Kenwood ts-590s, Power supply on floor under bench,Kenwood ts-2000,Nye viking keyer paddle,Homebrew computer,Autek Research RF-1 RF Analyst, awards & pictures.


  • Asking $375,000

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